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How To Light a Home

When you decorate a room, lighting is an important element. Lighting influences the aura and mood of a space and gets it perfect, and it can enhance the entire look of the interiors.

The key objective of lighting design is to introduce different degrees of light, that is layers, into a place. If you have direct sources of light, it can make you feel dark and gloomy in the area. the room will look boring and uninviting if you light the room evenly with no contrast.

Lighting is all about innovative lighting. Lighting is really all about creating innovation and visual drama, which not only by illuminating the dark corner area but by influencing the feelings, it can fully change a room. Light enlivens the little stuff and our morning rituals, or the moments we share with friends. Here are tips on lighting up your home well to be illuminated.Read more

The Artists And Designers With 65,000 + Years Of Experience

The Artists And Designers With 65,000 + Years Of Experience

Point of View

Elisa Carmichael

Ngugi woman, weaver and judge of the TDF + Laminex Design Awards Handcrafted category, Elisa Carmichael. Photo – Mindi Cooke.

Projects from First Nations artists won big at the The Design Files + Laminex Design Awards 2020. Left: Tiwi Strong Women’s collection by North won the Textile Design category. Photo – Hilary Faye. Right: Tjunkaya Tapaya’s (of the Tjanpi Desert Weavers) ‘Tjanpi Teapot’ won the Handcrafted category. Photo – Isobel Egan.

Left: The fashion collaboration between Mangkaja Arts Centre and Gorman was shortlisted in the Textile Design category of the TDF + Laminex Design Awards 2020. Photo – Lillie Thompson. Right: The Ngyala/Together collection was a collaboration between Koskela and six Aboriginal art centres across Australia was shortlisted in the Lighting Design category.

Left: winner of the Collaboration category, ‘For Our

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Keep yourself busy with the new craft trend making a big impression this Christmas

If you need something to keep you busy over the next few weeks try your hand at the Macrame trend. No longer just for boho interiors, it is jazzing up Christmas too.

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Macrame has long been an enduring interiors trend for getting the boho look. However, while a macrame wall hanging could set you back upwards of £30 at Urban Outfitters or John Lewis. This trendy craft is surprisingly easy to do yourself, and inexpensive.

Macrame trend

Hobbycraft has seen a 149 per cent increase in searches for macrame on the Hobbycraft website. The brand only launched its macrame cord in February, but so far they have sold over 59,000 balls of yarn.

The classic cream and more vibrant mustard have been among the most popular colours of yarn that have been purchased. The brand expects the popularity to … Read more

How to Choose a Solar Company?

Advancement in technology provided us with electricity, but some non-renewable sources of making electricity are harming us in different ways. Now we have entered a phase where we can use solar panels to fulfill our need for electricity. The basic concept behind solar panels is the absorption of the light rays from the sun and converting it to electricity. In making

electricity, solar panels can be the best way to go, as they will provide less burden on non-renewable sources in making electricity for homes.

Being a resident of Los Angeles, you would be looking for solar panel installation Los Angeles, because you don’t want to pay a high amount of electricity bill in summer when you run your AC for hours because of extremely hot weather. You might be looking for saving this amount and installing the best solar panels. We know being a proud citizen of America, … Read more

Take a tour around this unique and contemporary Huf Haus in Dulwich Village

For those not familiar with German company Huf Haus, they manufacture pre-fabricated, Bauhaus-style homes. With the trend for glass extensions growing in popularity it’s no surprise this contemporary style of home is appearing more and more across the UK.

With this London Huf Haus property being a fine example, inspiring for all modern home renovations.

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Inspirational London Huf Haus property

Image credit: Knight Frank

The post-and-beam construction system of this five bedroom home allows for open-plan design and extensive glazing. The thoughtful architecture creates an exceptional atmosphere of light and space. It’s a fine example of the iconic style for which Huf haus homes are renowned.


huf house hallway

Image credit: Knight Frank

With the large glass panels every single room in this style of modern home is flooded with light – even … Read more