When you run a microblog on Twitter, how do you measure your growth and success? Of course, you will use analytics, but what is the most objective characteristic to track? On many other social platforms like Instagram or Facebook, likes would win first place. But Twitter is a different network that has other principles of work. Thus, it’s most important metric to keep an eye on is the number of retweets for every post, and this is a cheap Twitter hack – the more reposts you get, the faster your influence is spread on the platform.

Here we will analyze the importance of retweets more deeply and share hacks and tips to get more of them. If you are looking for productive growth on Twitter, you have found the right article. So here we go!


Twitter is a very hearty community that is built on mutual connection, unlike the one on Instagram, where the bond usually forms as a one-sided deal. On Twitter, people talk. A lot. And retweeting is a very powerful instrument for communication on this platform. With retweet, you can show your opinion, approval, and appreciation for the original tweet. You can also share negative information adding your attitude because on Twitter it is possible to repost tweets with your comment to it. Quotation of other people’s tweets is a cool way to engage a conversation between you and this person. If you are retweeting his post, you increase the chance to attract his audience to your blog, which leads to growth.

Another aspect of communication and relationships on Twitter is reposting the tweets of your followers. By this gesture, you can show that you care for their thoughts and want to talk. And such things create a certain bond between the blogger and his audience. Besides, people like feeling involved in the conversation with those favorite bloggers. Seeing you quoting them gives them a sweet feeling of pride and matter.


Retweeting is a great tool for creating a public image on Twitter. The reposts that you make are able to give users a better understanding of your interests, hobbies, and positions towards different events and world affairs. Be sure that your potential follower, before he actually becomes one, will be noticing your retweets of such topics as:

  • The news
  • Videos and photos
  • Social activism
  • Ecological initiatives
  • Cultural interests ( musicians, actors, writers, etc)
  • Other bloggers

All these retweets are building up a portrait that a user finds interesting to follow or not. This analysis happens not completely consciously and very fast, but it has a major impact on the decision. So you have to pick carefully what you want to retweet into your blog. This must be a post that is worth sharing, either fun, educational, or informative. Use the power of retweeting to make your profile more live and sincere. Do not consider this as advice to polish your retweeted content to make yourself look better. Just be yourself and repost what is important and interesting to you. Don’t worry, Twitter is a large community, so your crowd will find you.



Constantly monitor the retweets you get. This is a perfect way to collect feedback about your content. Look through the reposts you get. See what comments people are leaving along with your tweets, and find out why they actually retweet. If the thought that you have expressed in your post gets many criticism and negative comments from people who made a repost of it, then it is time to reconsider your style and work more over the blog you run.

On the other hand, you will be able to increase the number of retweets and your overall popularity with provocative content. Triggering the audience’s nerves is a risky business though. And you must be very careful with the topics you highlight this way. And remember that along with such popularity comes a negative impact on your mental health. People on the internet can be very aggressive and also they can get angry and ban your account.


One of the goals to achieve on Twitter is to make a famous influencer with a huge audience to retweet your content. His or her followers will also retweet it, relying on the positive remark of their favorite, so it will be a fine boost for your blog as well. The only thing you must do is to make this particular influencer repost you.

This one is easier to understand with an example.

Imagine that you are producing super cool digital portraits. And you want to promote your art on Twitter. So you draw a portrait of a celebrity who has an account on this network. Tag the celebrity and wait to be noticed. If the influencer likes your work, he will probably retweet it. After that happens, the huge audience of that celebrity will see your art, and many of them would either share it in their own profiles or order a portrait for themselves. In this example, many factors are combined. But the amazing thing is this scheme works with a single retweet of a celeb. Of course, the success may not reach you at the first shot, yet it is quite simple and requires not too much effort. Except for the process of creating the art, though.

In case you are not an artist of any kind, there is still a way to use this method for your growth. Choose Twitter influencers whose interests and opinions are similar to yours. Share a thought you consider interesting to them and tag the ones you want. As it was mentioned before Twitter is all about communication so the chances to get the retweet are higher than anywhere else.

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Retweeting is a perfect tool for broadening your reach too. This is possible due to the specifics of Twitter algorithms that form the way our newsfeed looks. Retweeting helps to make your posts shown to many more people. Friends of your followers, followers of other bloggers who retweeted you, and so on. As you can see, the possibilities are endless. The only thing that has to concern you, is that you need to produce more posts that are likely to report.

Here are some tips that will help you to increase the number of “retweetable” posts.

  • Post strong and socially meaningful topics
  • Share your personal experience that can be relevant to other users
  • Post memes and jokes that are specific to your industry
  • Add visual content to your posts
  • Be emotional and show how bright is your personality
  • Comment on the affairs of the world


Of course, other metrics are important on Twitter. But you must remember that retweets indicate the rating of your blog in the most accurate way. So putting more effort into producing more retweets is a good idea. However, the result depends on many other factors, like the number of your followers, their engagement, and activity on your tweets. To get more reposts of your content, be ready to make many retweets by yourself, as it helps to create a more interesting blog and get closer to your audience.

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