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DIY, Holiday Creative Project, White Christmas Feathered Square Wreath By Madeleine Langlois

I’m at present searching for an condominium in Lisbon, and one factor that I’ve come to terms with is that it is in all probability going to be tiny. When planning a transform, take advantage of the area you have. This former household room was transformed into an open kitchen with a snug seating area. The owners also turned the adjoining rest room right into a useful pantry. Like I stated, I have lived in Germany for two years and I honestly feel no have to have and AC in my condo. There have been about 2 weeks this summer season when it could have been “good,” but it was not likely needed. I also keep ice trays in the (very small) freezer, however I am positive I am one of the solely people in my ‘hood who makes use of ice in my drinks on a regular basis. Part … Read more