Hunting is a sport as old as time itself. Whether it was predatory animals chasing prey or the earliest humans tracking for meat, hunting was the root of the most basic human instinct, survival.

However, hunting methods have taken a more modernized turn. From amateur arrows, hunting equipment has evolved to swift, long-range, and automatic rifles hunting has evolved rapidly.

Yet, hunters nowadays are neither as alert nor instinctive as they used to be. It is because hunting has been reduced to more of recreational activity, reserved for human amusement and entertainment. Not a skill needed for survival.

To overcome this setback, here are some pro-hunting tips for adapting from an amateur shooter to a more professional and expert hunter.

  1. Mask your scent: Human odour repels animals in the wild. Before embarking on your hunting trip, make sure to conceal your scent by showering with a scent-free soap. Avoid contaminating your hunting clothes with a sharp fragrance, either. Camouflage your scent by covering your hunting equipment with leaves and pines. It acts as a scent reducer. Aromas and scents alert animals of human presence, ruining your chances of a successful hunt.
  2. Move at a slow pace: Animals have great survival instincts. They can detect the fastest of maneuvers, and slightest of sounds when you move too quickly. To prevent vigilant the animal, make unhurried, noiseless movements to get closer to your prey.
  3. Clear shooting paths: When you decide on a certain hunting base for yourself, clear all the directions that you think a quarry might appear from. Clip off any branches that might hinder your view. It will prevent any obstacles that you would otherwise encounter while shooting. Choose a stable position and opt for a hunting grade shooting stick for a more solid and accurate shot. Visit this site to know more.
  4. Observe with attentiveness: A good hunter always perceives the surroundings with concentration. Observation plays a critical role in hunting. Long-range scouting from heights also aids a great deal in hunting and allows you to scope the terrain for any game. Try using field glasses. They allow a more detailed view of the land. You can also use satellite images to observe the land from above. And when you see a herd of the game or a target quarry that pleases you, dive in for a shot with a long-range rifle and shooting stick.
  5. Concentrate on the direction of the wind: To become an adept hunter, remain attentive to the direction of the wind. This way, you can always remain downwind of your targeted game and prevent any scent wafting up to the animal. Animals like deers usually like to follow warm winds called thermals. It can give you an idea of where you can find your next target. Avoid crossing the path of the deer though, if it senses human scent, won’t follow the path anymore.

Concentrate on the direction of the wind
These were a few tips to help you become a seasoned hunter. So that the next time you go hunting, you know what to do to score a game.

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