Amazon Prime Day always has some incredible savings on its own electronic devices. And today we’ve uncovered Amazon’s discounts for its third-generation Echo Dot. There are some terrific Amazon Prime Day Echo Dot deals that you can bag for Christmas, birthdays or a treat for yourself!

Not only is Amazon’s classic Charcoal Fabric speaker on sale, but the online retailer has also thrown in some great items with it. If you compare the deals below, you could bag yourself a Smart Plug or a high-tech LED smart bulb.

Best Amazon Prime Day Echo Dot deals 2020

  • Echo Dot deals: Save up to 62{d63cf2ede36996ab41b90cebed1e3e1a615eaab84633c3dc3a60d05493e452b1} on the 3rd Gen model and bundles

Echo Dot (3rd Gen), Smart speaker with Alexa – Charcoal Fabric | Was £49.99, now £18.99 (save 62{d63cf2ede36996ab41b90cebed1e3e1a615eaab84633c3dc3a60d05493e452b1}), Amazon

If you’re simply looking for an Amazon smart speaker, you won’t find a better deal on Prime Day than this one. For just £18.99, you get a 62{d63cf2ede36996ab41b90cebed1e3e1a615eaab84633c3dc3a60d05493e452b1} saving on Amazon’s third-generation Echo Dot, which Amazon itself claims is its most popular speaker. Choose your music, set alarms and reminders, make hands-free calls. You can also pair your Echo Dot with other Alexa-enabled devices, so you can make announcements to every other room in your house that has a device in it. Handy for getting everyone to the dinner table!

View deal: Smart speaker with Alexa – Charcoal Fabric – was £49.99, now £18.99 (save 62{d63cf2ede36996ab41b90cebed1e3e1a615eaab84633c3dc3a60d05493e452b1}), Amazon

Echo Dot (3rd Gen), Charcoal Fabric + Amazon Smart Plug | Was £74.98, now £28.99 (save 61{d63cf2ede36996ab41b90cebed1e3e1a615eaab84633c3dc3a60d05493e452b1}), Amazon

This bundle includes a third-generation Echo Dot, plus an Amazon Smart Plug – everything you need to start your smart home and just £10 more than the standard speaker. The plug works with Alexa to add voice control to any electrical socket. Control the plug to schedule lights, coffee machines and appliances to turn on and off automatically, or control them remotely when you’re away. With the Alexa app, there is no need for a smart home hub. Which means it’s a stress-free setup that requires next to nothing brainpower.

View deal: Echo Dot (3rd Gen), Charcoal Fabric + Amazon Smart Plug – was £74.98, now £28.99 (save 61{d63cf2ede36996ab41b90cebed1e3e1a615eaab84633c3dc3a60d05493e452b1}), Amazon

Echo Dot (3rd Gen), Charcoal Fabric + LIFX White Wi-Fi Smart Bulb LED | Was £64.98, now £23.99 (save 63{d63cf2ede36996ab41b90cebed1e3e1a615eaab84633c3dc3a60d05493e452b1}), Amazon

This cut-price deal includes the same third-generation Echo Dot and a LIFX White smart bulb. You can control the smart bulb from anywhere. You don’t even need to be in your house to turn it on and off. It is dimmable too; you can adjust the brightness and the mood of the room – via voice, app schedules, and fade tools like Alexa light alarms or Google Sleep/Wake. LED Smart bulbs can last for several years, which means no impromptu trips to the supermarket for cheap, quick-use lightbulbs. Combined with a two-year warranty, you’ll have a Smart Bulb that you can depend on for years to come.

View deal: Echo Dot (3rd Gen), Charcoal Fabric + LIFX White Wi-Fi Smart Bulb LED – was £64.98, now £23.99 (save 63{d63cf2ede36996ab41b90cebed1e3e1a615eaab84633c3dc3a60d05493e452b1}), Amazon

Echo Dot (3rd Gen), Charcoal Fabric + Philips Hue White and Colour Ambience Smart Bulb | Was £99.90, now £38.99 (save 60{d63cf2ede36996ab41b90cebed1e3e1a615eaab84633c3dc3a60d05493e452b1}), Amazon

In this combo, you get the same third-generation Echo Dot, combined with Philips’ White and Colour Ambience Smart Bulb. All you have to do is screw in the lightbulb and connect it via Bluetooth to the free Philips Hue Bluetooth app. Once that’s done you can control the lighting and colour of the Smart bulb using the app, or your voice via the Echo Dot. Philips says you can choose from 16 million colours to create the perfect ambience that will suit any occasion, from lounge discos to kids’ storytime.

View deal: Echo Dot (3rd Gen), Charcoal Fabric + Philips Hue White and Colour Ambience Smart Bulb – was £99.90, now £38.99 (save 60{d63cf2ede36996ab41b90cebed1e3e1a615eaab84633c3dc3a60d05493e452b1}), Amazon


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