When you’re trying to sleep and you just can’t seem to, it can get very frustrating. Unfortunately trying harder to make your body go to sleep may make the situation worse.

The silence of the night can be a catalyst for anxious and worrying thoughts and doubts. Once you go down the anxious train of thought, your mind starts racing and you toss and turn for hours thinking about things that were and those to come. Checking the time that passes when you cannot sleep only makes the situation worse because then you start to worry about the amount of time you get to sleep getting shorter.

Getting enough sleep is important as it helps you manage the rough events of the day. A well-rested body is able to handle emotions much better. Most people that have trouble sleeping or staying asleep till the morning experience this due to mental health conditions. Regular sleeping schedules and adequate sleep is crucial for everybody’s mental health.

Fortunately, enough studies have been carried out and solutions obtained that help people in starting and maintaining habits that help to associate the sight of your bed with sleep. The tips below will help you get a good sleep so that you do not wake up feeling tired.

Begin Calming Your Body And Mind During Afternoons

Doing some exercises will help your body to feel tired so that you can sleep for longer. Do not do the exercises earlier in the day.

Limit your nicotine, alcohol, and caffeine in the hours before bed. (preferably 4-6 hours before bed).

Switch off your devices before you go to bed as it prevents you from getting tempted to use them. The blue light that screens emit is not good for sleep.

Ensure there is consistency two hours to bedtime.
Make sure that you have a bedtime routine to help your body get ready for sleep. You should avoid changing this routine during weekends.

Make your bedroom as comfortable as possible, invest in a Tuft and Needle mattress to get a better night’s sleep.


Do not take long naps during the day.

Avoid reading in bed, using your phone, or watching TV and keep the bed only to sleep in.

If you cannot sleep even after trying to, get out and do something else. Getting out of bed and doing something for about 20 to 30 minutes will stimulate your brain to fall asleep faster. You can do something you consider boring and dim the lights to put your body in a relaxed mood. This strategy may feel cumbersome but it has the most positive results compared to the other techniques.

Avoid exciting things just before bed and go for the dull stuff. You can also remind yourself why you need enough sleep to motivate your body.

If none of these strategies work for you, it is advisable to talk to a professional and figure out what the issue is. A specialist is able to recommend medication that can help you to sleep better when you cannot do it naturally.

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