If your only outside space is a balcony or you live in urban areas that are in close quarters to your neighbours, you can still enjoy the barbecue experience. The Weber Pulse 1000 Electric BBQ Grill and Stand is on offer for 1 day only on Amazon Prime Day. This huge discount Amazon Prime Day Weber Pulse 1000 deal is not to be missed if love a bit of alfresco cooking, come rain or shine!

It’s available for 24 hours, starting midnight Tuesday 13th October until 11.59 14th October.

Amazon Prime Day Weber Pulse 1000 deal

Weber Pulse 1000 Electric BBQ Grill with Stand: was £599, now £275.99

The electric grill not only avoids those billowing smoky fumes from disturbing the neighbours, but the fact you’re not using coal or gas and have the ability to get the grill on in an instant, makes it much more energy efficient and an environmentally friendly way to cook.  If you live in a built up, urban area where smoke could be a nuisance, then the electric Weber Pulse 1000 could be for you.

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Voted as one of our best BBQs of 2020, our expert, Luke Edwards, explains how the Weber Pulse 1000 is all about accuracy thanks to the 1.8 kW of power in this large but attractive grill. ‘It comes with an internal probe meaning you can monitor the internal temperature of your food as you cook for exact cooking control.

This is done via the Weber app so you can actually keep an eye on your food from the comfort of indoors, while this grill does all the work out on the balcony.’ 


In case you were wondering, but does an electric grill really give the barbecue flavour, because that’s the whole point right?! It won’t have the smoky charcoal flavour, but Weber uses porcelain enamelled cast iron plates which actually manage to give the food a barbecue taste, so it still beats cooking indoors.

As our expert assures, ‘that means a steak will taste more like one you buy out at a restaurant rather than something you’ve cooked on a pan in the kitchen’.

What you do get is a hassle-free, instant cooking experience, as there’s no need to be regularly topping up on fuel, saving on the cost involved too.  


It also includes handy hooks for tools and a grease management system that funnels grease straight into a removable drip tray to keep cleaning time at a minimum too. Get this speedy grill, with £323.01 off on Amazon Prime Day for 24 hours on Wednesday 14th October, see the Amazon Prime Day Weber Pulse 1000 deal here.

Get grilling!

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